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event app development solution

Event App Development Solution

Each event app we create serves as an extension of the company in question. Our team of event app designers and developers knows how crucial it is to provide a fun and convenient experience. Our expertise and knowledge in mobilizing the whole event experience have made us the go-to agency for developing event apps. During the app development, we do requirements refinement, establish the scope of the project, and provide the most efficient use of time and resources possible.

Why Choose Lavorg For Event App Development?


Customized Software Development

Get your mind off your problems and hire Lavorg to create an app for the media and entertainment sector. We use complete software development life cycle procedures, from requirements gathering through testing and maintenance.


In-built Calendar

Our developers incorporate calendar elements at the time of the event management app development process for organizing, booking, and reserving tickets or seats of the passengers.


Always Available Help Desk

We have a committed team of designers and developers that not only aid the customers at the time of project creation but also help them after the project completion by offering 24*7 flexible customer support.


Affordable Services

Being a renowned software development firm, we offer cost-effective services for event planning. Unlike other companies, we provide very competitive pricing for developing event apps for all attendees.


Conformity and Best Practices

To maintain our reputation as a trustworthy media and entertainment app development firm, we adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards while safeguarding our clients' intellectual property. As part of our service, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the customer.


Skilled Designers

At Lavorg, we have a team of professional and qualified developers and designers working on entertainment apps. All of our employees are very committed to their jobs and will work around the client's schedule, regardless of where they happen to be located in the world.

Have a Mobile App Development Challenge to Address?

Our recent solution

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Doctor Appointment Booking App Development

Business Needs

  • The patients have to wait in long queues for hours to meet the doctors.
  • If there is no one at the reception, the doctor is unable to track the sequence.
  • Patients are unable to determine the suitable doctors for their issues.
  • Doctors wanted a way to handle their documentation, consultation files and more.

Doctor Appointment Booking App Development
2 /5

eLearning Mobile App Development

Business Needs

  • Students should be able to learn the courses they want from anywhere in the world.
  • A single repository of all the courses and content that can be accessed by creators and students
  • Personalising the learning solutions for the students depending on their pace and requirements.
  • Hassle-free assessments and grading systems for teachers to spend fewer hours correcting papers and more time teaching the students.
  • Ability to scale the content creation abilities to meet new course requirements.  

eLearning Mobile App Development
3 /5

Time Management App

Business Needs

  • Monitor how the time is spent during a single day
  • Schedule and manage the bookings and appointments for the day
  • Check resource capacity to determine if they can handle a particular project
  • Bill the clients accurately according to the time spent on the services

Time Management App
4 /5

Car Parking App Development

Business Needs

  • Users generally fly blind when it comes to finding a parking spot.
  • They get frustrated when they don’t find a parking spot immediately.
  • Sometimes users want to ensure they have reserved parking for the day.
  • Check how they can reach the particular parking spot from their current location.

Car Parking App Development
5 /5

Fitness App Development

Business Needs

  • The user needs to keep track of their fitness requirements.
  • Most users aren’t motivated enough to continue the journey, the app should offer the required boost.
  • The end users are looking for dieticians and personal fitness coaches that can personalise the fitness journey to help them achieve specific goals.
  • Ability to share the fitness journey and motivate others to join.

Fitness App Development


If you want to focus on running and promoting your company, you'll need to team up with one of the Event App Development Companies you've researched. Once you've found one, you can have a conversation about what features the app should have, the correct technology stack, etc., and how you want the app to perform in the market.

There are a number of features that you can include in the event application to make it efficient but the ones that goes on to become must-have features are:

  • Calendars of events
  • Map
  • Direct Download
  • Download ticket option
  • Seat booking option
  • Ability to Get in Touch
  • Ratings and reviews

No. WordPress is a content management system that may be used to construct a website, uploading and sharing information. However, there are a number of additional capabilities and features that must be prioritized while developing a conferencing app. Also, Wordpress employs HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, etc., whereas several other particular languages like Java, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, etc. are necessary for constructing mobile apps.

Yes, our event app/meeting app includes payment alternatives including early bird discounts, price coupons, and volume discounts to ease the selection and payment of registration.

We do create applications for events, and they work on both iOS and Android devices.

The Cost to Develop Event Management App is dependent on a lot of elements :

  • The collection of features within an application
  • The selected technology stack
  • To what extent the application is complicated
  • The Home Base of the App Factory for Special Occasions Management