Healthcare Management System

Platform Mobile, Web
Technology Flutter, Laravel, MySQL, React.js
Industry Healthcare

The Challenges

The healthcare setup is highly complex, wherein different verticals operate in silos. This results in increased patient wait time, inaccurate and prolonged diagnoses, and struggles with determining the best treatment plans. There are myriad data standards that the industry needs to observe to maintain data privacy. The growing need to automate processes while maintaining standards and security is one of the industry’s biggest challenges.

The Process

Collaborating with the client, we determined the goals of the healthcare management system and the ultimate purpose of developing the mobile application. We understood the need for separate apps for admin, care providers and patients and their seamless connection. Our first step was to determine the healthcare app development cost and timelines.

Our developers constantly engaged with the client’s team to develop the logic and build the business layer. Once satisfied with the logic and interface needs, we started working on the execution, converting it into a reliable mobile app solution.

As a healthcare software development company, we integrated every API (EHR, payment gateways and invoicing management) using proper authentication methods and security layers.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Improved patient-doctor collaboration by integrating healthcare records to improve patient care, diagnosis and treatment
  • Implemented appointment system and automated the scheduling to reduce patient wait time and increase conversions
  • Offered admin complete inventory management to monitor, track and replace essential supplies.

The Features

Appointment Management

Reduce patient wait lines by integrating calendars and appointment schedules for better patient The algorithm will identify the best matches for the profile based on defined criteria, including behaviour, location, interests and other factors.

Manage Health Records

Integrate patient records into the app by adhering to compliances for a better understanding of the issues and the seamless transfer of cases.

Inventory Management

Keep a record of the hospital inventory and supplies to keep pace with the growing demand.

Invoice Management

Seamlessly managing the billing and insurance for better invoice management to ensure efficient payment schedules and faster tracking.

In-app Video Calls

Let patients connect with doctors for immediate consultation and better patient outcomes with video conferencing in healthcare software development.

HIPAA Compliant
70% Less Billing Errors
50% Improved Scheduling

The Result

The user interface was simple and intuitive, with a low learning curve, designed specifically for all age groups. With one task per screen, we ensured better engagement and outcomes for the application. We developed the mobile app for all platforms using the Xamarin framework, as it helps maintain the required security and enhances the data privacy.


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