ERP Software Development

Platform Mobile, Web
Technology Express, Laravel, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, React.js
Industry General

The Challenges

The client was a leading retailer with a good clientele. While most facets operated in silos, they lacked complete visibility into the supply chain. As a result, they could not mark inventory stocked out, which resulted in cart abandonments and attrition. They wanted to check for inventory and resource shortages to ensure they could handle the increased load. The biggest challenge was complete visibility into the end-to-end manufacturing to supply and retail cycle.

The Process

Our client was a retail leader and needed a solution to help them manage sales and inventory and bolster their supply chain. We discussed the feasibility of ERP systems and how they can integrate with existing systems and improve the overall functioning of the business. As an ERP software development company, we determined the cost, timelines and functionality they should possess for the best results.

We implemented phase-wise and customized the ERP system development to suit the client’s vision. Before transferring the ERP system, we conducted a thorough training of the actual users of the system for smooth onboarding.

Proposed Solutions:

  • An ERP system is specifically designed keeping in mind the supply chain requirements of the company
  • Integrating with the other applications within the organization for better movement of data and faster analysis
  • Introduce security-first data management for controlled access

The Features


Automate the various processes, including purchase-to-procurement and order-to-invoicing, for better outcomes

Detailed Analysis

Get detailed insights into the data moved from sales and marketing to the supply chain for greater control of your inventory, supply and demand cycles.


Get at-a-glance reports on the current situation, possible opportunities and forecasts to make decisions.

Risk Management

Determine the risks such as distribution issues, stakeholder problems, resource shortage or raw material unavailability for faster resolutions.

Streamline Operations

Collaborative efforts from all facets of the supply chain can help gain total control of the operations and improve the outcomes.

50% Reduced Processing Time
100% ROI Achievement
50% Manual Entry Cutback

The Result

We devised a web and mobile application for the ERP system development. The interface was designed keeping in mind the business requirements established by the company. As an ERP software development company, we integrated the requisite APIs and legacy software for faster data movement and better results.

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