Car Parking App Development

Find your parking before you reach the spot

Platform Mobile, Web
Technology Android Studio, AWS Server Hosting, BLoC, Dart, FCM, Flutter, Laravel, MySQL, Stripe Payment, Xcode
Industry Automobile

The Challenges

Getting the data from the sensors into the app in real time was one of the biggest challenges. Each parking spot in a particular location had a sensor. We had to start small for the parking mobile app development. Once we successfully integrated the data from one sensor seamlessly, we could clone the others.

As the new parking spots were developed, they had to be automatically integrated into the system. This was one area that posed to be a challenge. We had to identify directories that would help automatically add new parking spots. Once that was done in the backend, we provided a drag-and-drop tool that allowed the car parking app business to add the parking spot to the selection interface.

The Process

We began by gathering the smart parking booking app development requirements. Planning the app interface and the user’s movement was critical as we had to keep the flow sequential and intuitive.

Our process involved sprint-based development. We conducted a complete breakdown of the tasks and allocated them to multiple developers. This helped us achieve the timeline goals and ensure a high-quality solution.

We integrated all the sprints to create the app before testing it using test automation tools. Once satisfied with the results, we launched the app in the app stores.

Proposed Solutions:

  • As part of the car parking app development, we integrated all the parking spots and segmented them according to their location.
  • We offered in-app booking and payment using plugins and third-party APIs that helped ease the development. It also ensured most features were added.
  • Simple interface to find the parking spot by searching for a location and clicking on the book to complete the booking.

The Features

Spot Availability

Determine if the particular spot that you want to reserve is available.

Waiting List

Check when will the booked parking spot you are interested in be available next.

In-app Payments

Book your parking spot and complete the payments from the app with multiple payment options.

Time Taken

Know how long it will take for you to reach the particular parking spot.


Create your account by filling out the form or integrating your Gmail/social media.

Total Time

Know how long you can park in the spot or parking area. Determine how long you have till your parking time ends in the reserved park space.


Use multiple filters in the application to search for parking spots in a particular location.

50% Increment in Revenue
15 Mins Saved Per Trip
200+ Parking Garages

The Result

We designed the interface keeping the one-task one-screen UX design best practice in mind. We ensured the first screen was all about registering. Once registered, the user can search for the location where they can find the parking spot with the best user experience.

Each screen is about the task, and the user will sequentially move ahead. We created a backend that would integrate with the top parking directories to help automatically add new parking spots to the application.

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