School Management System

Leveraging Data and Building Effective Modules for Better Education

Platform Mobile, Web
Technology, Firebase, Laravel, MySQL, React Native
Industry Education

The Challenges

The academic infrastructure is focused on several facets, including administration, student inclusivity and enhanced learning. However, without suitable school management software, these operations occur in silos. As a result, the schools experience resource wastage, increased overheads and frustrated teachers. It also ruins the overall learning experience, which thrives on efficient management and a solid understanding of student requirements.

The Process

Connecting with our client, we discussed the need for school management software, the challenges with the existing system and the operational chaos with silo management. Having discovered the purpose and vision of the software and how they aimed to integrate it with the legacy systems, we began building the roadmap.

Our client-centric model helps us collaborate with clients through planning and strategy to define the fittest solution for their needs. We ensured complete testing of the school management software before launching it.

Proposed Solutions:

  • A school management software that combines a learning management system, ERP, administration software and accounting for seamless collaboration.
  • An interactive space for parents and teachers to share concerns, raise issues and resolve problems.
  • A quick analysis of the data from various verticals for better program management, inclusive learning, forecasting education demand and intelligent resource allocation.

The Features

In-app Collaboration

The teachers and parents can collaborate via the software to keep assessing the student and improve the learning system.

Launch New Programs

The teachers should be able to create and launch programs in sync with the requirements of the students to improve learning.

Analytics and Reports

Identifying the resource shortage, learning requirements and other aspects that can help improve the outcomes within the school with analysis of crucial metrics.

Notice and Information

Real-time information sharing and quick communication with parents and students for better collaboration.

Access Materials and Other Assets

Students and parents can access coursework, mark sheets and assignments through the school management software.

60% Reduced Paperwork
70% National School Recognition
25% Boost in Productivity

The Result

The interface for the school management software is designed keeping in mind the low learning curve required by the end users. The design and coding were done keeping in mind the quick communication required between the interface and database. We tested the application for extreme load conditions and ensured a high-performing solution.


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