Fitness App Development

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Platform Mobile, Web
Technology Apple Health, Firebase, Flutter, Google Fit, Laravel, MySQL
Industry Health & Fitness

The Challenges

The biggest challenge for the developer in fitness app development came in the form of calories. The calorie counts from specific food and dietary combinations differ. Secondly, the developer received data from multiple sensors and wearable tech. It was important for the developer to ensure that the data remained safe and secure. It should adhere to the compliances and principles of the fitness segment. Integration was another major challenge for the developers. They had to ensure that the apps were compatible with the different sensors and devices. It was equally important to ensure that the app was updated to meet the software and hardware updates.

The Process

The fitness app development services were used to translate the app idea into a cross-platform application. . We discovered the client’s motives behind the fitness app, their backstory and how they aim to help the users. This allowed us to create the user experience, define the usability and design the interface. We also estimated the fitness app development cost during the planning phase.

We collaborated with the client to speed up approvals and identify the gaps. We released the app to the app store using clean, well-commented codes and test-driven approach.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Excellent integration with all types of wearables and fitness gadgets the user owns so that it can work seamlessly across gadgets.
  • Track all types of metrics that are important to achieve fitness goals and staying healthy.
  • Personalized health and fitness plans through goal setting and coach consultations.
  • Fitness app development to monitor health through heart rate and oxygen monitoring services.
  • Keep track of all the activities, such as running, swimming, yoga, etc., to help achieve fitness goals.

The Features

Nutrition Tracking

Keep track of your food and water intake to know the calories you have burned versus consumed.

Goal Setting

Set fitness goals that will help you stay motivated. It could be a simple workout plan, running, walking or calorie goals.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitoring heart rates and oxygen levels is core to keeping up with your fitness goals.

Personal Coach

Seek help from personal coaches and dieticians to help you achieve your desired BMI or weight goals.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep is core to a fit body and mind. Track the total hours of deep sleep and light sleep to activate a healthy lifestyle.

Online Consultations

Chat with personal trainers and fitness experts to know if you are progressing in the right direction and what should be your next steps.

Integrate with Devices

Safely and securely sync your data with multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Social Integration

Share your records, daily milestones and other aspects with friends via social media.


Know your calorie count, total steps for the day or month and other metrics via a single dashboard.

Push Notifications

Get instant notifications on feature updates, goals achieved, and your fitness records instantly.

40% Increment in Subscription
4.8 Star Review
60% Goal Fulifillment

The Result

The application will personalize the dashboard and interface based on the answers to the questions asked. Simple exercise routines, dietary reminders, calorie counters and metrics will be available on the app.

The app will save all the data received from the wearable and offer insights into your health and activities. You can view all the data and insights on a single platform. We used Flutter to build the first app and MVP. We moved to a native app development approach using Swift and Java to create safer and more secure applications for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

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