eLearning Mobile App Development

Delivering a consistent learning environment with unified delivery systems

Platform Mobile, Web
Technology Android Studio, AWS Server Hosting, BLoC, Dart, FCM, Flutter, Laravel, MySQL, Stripe Payment, Xcode
Industry Education

The Challenges

As an e-learning mobile app development can be complex, we had to introduce the right onboarding tricks to simplify. The biggest challenge was ensuring a smooth onboarding with the right tricks.

Defining the user roles and offering role-based access proved challenging for us. We had to identify how much each app viewer could see and segment the application accordingly.

We had to make the e-learning app usable and simple for the colleges, schools or learning centres that might adopt it. Designing the screens and reducing the efforts required a lot of planning from our end.

The Process

Our e-learning mobile app development story has a lot of learnings. We moved from discovery to design after a while, as the app required a lot of personalisation. We used a lot of communication protocols and messengers to understand what the client wanted. We began delivering the solutions based on our understanding of the client’s needs step-by-step.

We started with defining the plan and ensured the client completely approved it. Moving forward, we went through the wireframe-low fidelity design-high fidelity design-actual screens. We ensured the client approved our work at each stage, as the core audience required a more intuitive and hands-on interface.

We worked through clean-coded and well-defined syntax before moving to the testing. We ensured that we followed through with the feedback post-launch to keep improving the app to make it more usable and accessible.

Proposed Solutions:

  • A responsive e-learning mobile app development that the users can access across devices and platforms.
  • Elaborate communication between students and teachers to share notes, discuss the topics, assess the understanding and complete the grading.
  • The complete definition of the curriculum for the course. Offering access to the materials related to the particular course.
  • Extensive customer support to the students and teachers whenever needed to help access the features.

The Features

Content Creation

Making creating and designing your unique courses easy and intuitive.

Online Course Catalogs

Let the end users know what you are offering in your course with an in-depth course catalogue.

Multi-lingual Support

Extends support for content in multiple languages that can entice users from different parts of the country and world.

User-based Roles

Creating unique access for the different types of users such as content creators, students, teachers, mentors and others.


Create and send assignments to your students from the application. Track every assignment that has been assessed and created.


Easy assessment and grading of the assignments.


Determine the grades for the students based on their assignments, in-class participation and other aspects.


Allow teachers to interact with students from the app through the in-app chats.

Discussion Forums

Create unique forums to discuss the various topics related to your degree with these forums.


Integrate with your ERP, CRM and other software solutions for quick data movement and better insights.

20 Access Rate in Milliseconds
85% Completion Rate
60% Satisfaction Rate

The Result

As an e-learning mobile app development firm, we created an app exclusively designed for teachers and students to connect over specific courses. The app would allow teachers to extend their teaching abilities online. It will enable students to learn a new language or skill or gain certification remotely.

The user interface was designed to make creating courses and using the application intuitive. The focus was on do-it-yourself without any handholding from a tech team. We kept individuals in mind while creating the mobile application.

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